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A Brief History of Perry's

Perry Isom and his wife Anemone dreamed of owning their own grocery store, so in 1940 when a store in Tulsa was going up for auction, they decided to try for it. Perry had to work so he sent Anemone to Tulsa with $300. With a quick loan of $37 at the end of the auction from a salesman with the promise to stock his products, they opened the original store that was located at Archer and Lewis, in Historic Whittier Square. They had to borrow another $300 from Perry's mother to buy meat, produce and groceries to stock the store - and Perry's Food Store was born. That first year was hard and they almost decided 

to sell out because they could pay Perry's mother back and only lose their $300, but they decided to tough it out and all of Tulsa is glad they did! They stayed in that location for 46 years, moving to 10th and Lewis in 1986. When the store moved, Perry turned it over to his sons, Bud and Phil (now deceased). Daughter Sherry Hoort managed the office for several years, but retired in 2020.

Over the years Perry's has gained the reputation of a "Custom Beef and Specialty Meat Market" where you can choose your cuts from the counter or watch the butchers cut your meat to order.  From the very beginning, Perry wanted the store to have that "old time" neighborhood appeal and we strive to maintain that type of atmosphere to this day!  


In 2011, Bud Isom got a call about purchasing a small meat market that was closing. Almost 80 years old at the time, he said he was too old to start up another store. But, he started thinking about it and it kept him up all night. The next day he came to look at the store and couldn’t resist the opportunity to bring a smaller version of Perry's to South Tulsa. Perry’s south location is located at 81st and Sheridan which features a meat market and deli plus a variety of rubs, seasonings and sauces.

1005 S. Lewis * 918-583-2000                    1940 – 2021 * 81 years

8013 S. Sheridan * 918-622-7648                2011 – 2021 *  10 years

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